Virtual Online Broadcast System
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The Service

V.O.B.S. lets you produce interactive TV shows using the internet as a transport medium, multiple webcams in different locations and our server infrastructure. Shows can be completely templated and directed via a central video- and audiomixer interface. Participants only need a computer, tablet or phone with a webcam and an internet connection.

Live Mixing

The V.O.B.S. video and audio mixer gives you complete control over your program output, audio channels and OTA graphics.

Custom Styling

Prepare for your shows by implementing your custom style into our (very) flexible V.O.B.S. templating system.

Professional Support

Need help? We offer complete support - from the concept stage all the way to your finished LIVE production.


Check out what our customers do with V.O.B.S.

"Public Information for Real-Estate Business"
"Cinema and discourse in its most beautiful form"
Business Riot Panel
"A feminist platform that deals with challenges, future and trends in the world of work."
Covid-19 InfoTalk
"Our program provides up-to-date Covid-19 information for practicing physicians."



It is a time of crisis. At the moment, professional studio productions cannot be carried out or only take place on a very small scale.

V.O.B.S. offers you the opportunity to produce your shows despite the Corona crisis - conveniently from your office. V.O.B.S. supports multiple simultaneous video sources, the integration of video players, still images, screen sharing and many other features that can otherwise only be found in TV studios using professional video and audio mixers.

Record your productions directly on our servers and modify them later in the editing software of your choice or broadcast your shows LIVE on the Internet or via conventional linear distribution channels such as satellite or cable TV.

Please contact us for a demonstration of our system.


Which video sources are supported by V.O.B.S?

V.O.B.S. currently supports streaming video as well as screen sharing sessions from web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. In addition it is possible to play back video-, audio- and image files in real-time.

What is the "Broadcast Control" interface for?

V.O.B.S.' production workflow is very similar to what you would see in a TV-Studio. All video, audio and still image inputs can be controlled using a video-mixer type interface (where you can even define macros!). You also get preview screen(s) to monitor your sources in real-time.

Which distribution and output options does V.O.B.S. offer?

V.O.B.S. can record all your input streams (for later editing), as well as your finished broadcast video. However, V.O.B.S. was also made for live-production and as such you can either choose to distribute your shows using online portals such as YouTube, Vimeo or Wowza, or to simply output the broadcast stream at your location and broadcast it via your own satellite, terrestrial or IP channels.

How much does V.O.B.S. cost?

Our pricing depends a lot on your requirements. Every show is different, so please contact us for more information.

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